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Using AI to improve the contact center customer experience (CX) thumbnail

Using AI (not just NPS®) to improve the contact center customer experience (CX)

This white paper provides an in-depth insight on how integrating Artificial Intelligence along with NPS® helps in improving contact center customer experience

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Hyper-personalization Whitepaper thumbnail

Hyper-personalize CX using customer data platforms

Disaster-proof your business data on the cloud. Explore the white paper to leverage cloud-based disaster recovery systems for effectively handling disasters and ensure holistic protection of enterprise data.

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Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

Selecting a retail CRM system: Must-read guide

This comprehensive guide will help retailers properly assess and evaluate retail CRM systems to select the best solution for their business needs.

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Cybersecurity Whitepaper Thumbnail

Level-up cybersecurity and thrive in the digital era

Download our recent whitepaper and get an in-depth overview of the latest cybersecurity landscape and how your business needs to scale up to understand and defend your data against pervasive cyberattacks.

Enterprise Mobility Strategy Whitepaper Thumbnail

How to create an enterprise mobile strategy

A complete guide on how to create an Enterprise Mobile Strategy for your business, which will help you build an empowered, more efficient workforce and increase revenue and profitability.

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Customer Vendor Evaluation Whitepaper Thumbnail

The complete guide to evaluating customer data platforms

This comprehensive guide will help organizations properly assess and evaluate CDP systems to select the best solution for their business needs...

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Transforming Marketing Department Whitepaper Thumbnail

Transforming the marketing department for the digital age

Marketing has evolved as the most important strategic function for global organizations and is becoming an integral part of an organization’s long-term strategy.

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Disaster Recovery Whitepaper Thumbnail

Disaster recovery and the viability of a cloud-based solution

In this digital economy, data is the currency. And you don't want to lose your currency. Cloud solutions make it easy to manage and back up data in the event of a disaster.

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You need to know about CDPs

Everything you need to know about customer data platforms

As marketing organizations look to gain efficiencies and target customers in parallel, Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) truly are a marketer's best friend...

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Devops Whitepaper Thumbnail

DevOps and cloud: A Dynamic duo to accelerate your business performance

Leverage DevOps to build and deploy IT applications on multi-cloud environments with speed and accelerate customer experience innovation.

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Machine Learning for Retail Marketers Whitepaper Thumbnail

Machine learning 101 for savvy retail marketers

This white paper outlines strategies and tactics for marketers to make the best use of machine learning in creating a data-powered retail organization.

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