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Providing a true omnichannel customer experience is a goal for many organizations. Adding new contact center channels is relatively straightforward, but integrating them in the front and back office so both customers and agents can channel-pivot? Not so easy.

With decades of experience providing customer service to name-brand clients globally, the HGS team has integrated hundreds of systems. Contact center technologies abound, and our team knows intimately where the pitfalls and gaps among them lie.

Twilio cloud telephony brings diverse technologies together. It enables you to embed phones, VoIP, and messaging into web, desktop, and mobile software. By making communications part of every software developer’s toolkit, Twilio gives innovators the ultimate flexibility.

Our Services

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Advanced customer experience

Connect with your customers on any and all channels, despite integration or disparate system challenges.

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True omnichannel platform

Leverage technology implemented by a managed service partner with deep process and domain expertise.

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Seamlessly integrated systems

Bring together the component subsystems and workflows into one unified system to streamline the experience for everyone.

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Rapid development

Innovate as quickly as you want—flexible infrastructure means you can adapt quickly to changing customer needs.

Our cloud telephony offerings make true omnichannel integration possible

In the not-so-distant past, contact center IT teams would acquire the products and services of numerous on-prem technology partners. As needs changed, they tried to make the systems talk to one another. Unsuccessful, the operations teams would then end up synthesizing data manually or toggling awkwardly between applications.

Twilio, a system intentionally designed for contact center integrations, makes moving between channels, tasks, views, and audiences easier. Twilio provides a programmable foundation on which to bring voice, email, chat, video, and WhatsApp (and more) interactions, as you prefer, into one management screen to better address the needs of blended agents and channel-switching customers. 

Integrating channels and functions into one system requires vision, integration skills, contact center expertise, and consensus-building. This—on top of day-to-day IT responsibilities—may be too much for your current team to handle. HGS Digital can help.

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Creating true omnichannel customer experiences with Twilio

HGS Digital creates frictionless experiences while alleviating complexity and saving money

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Consumer electronics giant achieves rapid office-to-home migration with HGS and Twilio

Learn how HGS Work@Home and Twilio drove a rapid transformation in 27 days, saving $50K for the client

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We set up Twilio for team, contact center, and enterprise evolution

Twilio and HGS Digital enable clients like you to deliver personalized customer experiences at scale, seamlessly serve customers via their preferred means, measure performance, and drive CSAT improvements now and for years to come.

Our value proposition

  • Focused on providing an omnichannel CX in the front office and 360-degree views of the customer in the back office
  • Broad CX platform integration experience; exposure to a wide variety of industries and implementations
  • Delivers customer-first digital, data, and intelligent automation solutions
  • Deep contact center expertise; understands different contact center models
  • Cloud contact center experts on demand for initial implementations, ongoing managed services, and optimizations

Twilio's value proposition

  • Integrates voice, email, chat, video, and WhatsApp (and more) interactions; brings together data, departments, and functions
  • Flexible, programmable contact center platform; brings together multiple technologies under one umbrella
  • Serves as a technological foundation for AI- and bot-driven cognitive contact centers
  • Workflows and routing based on agent skills, attributes, or customer logic
  • Modular technology that increases in sophistication as users become more skilled and needs evolve

HGS Digital facilitates the Avaya-to-Twilio journey

An international client from the consumer electronics industry recently engaged HGS Digital to migrate on-prem Avaya telephony to a cloud-based Twilio solution. HGS proposed a complete telephony migration for inbound/outbound voice with the future scope of supporting multiple channels, such as web chat, SMS, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger. In addition to moving all calls and agent workflows to the cloud, as part of this project, HGS Digital delivered:

  • Cloud-based workforce management (WFM) tool integration
  • Cloud-based quality analyst tool for voice assessments
  • Cloud-based encrypted and secured storage for voice recordings
  • Record-on-demand capabilities
  • Voicemail integration
  • Customized report insights and dashboard

Our solution yielded not only streamlined technology partners (we reduced the number from 14 to 4), but a 28‒30% reduction in telco charges, all translating into $200,000 annualized savings per year. A CRM integration is now on the horizon.

HGS Digital integrates Twilio and Salesforce for a better CX

Another international client from the same consumer electronics industry transitioned to Twilio for WFM, quality assessment, voice recordings, voicemail, and analytics with HGS Digital support. With a goal to make agents’ lives easier while continuing to serve customers with care, they also asked HGS Digital to integrate Salesforce CRM. HGS Digital—in five record-breaking days—delivered the entire solution swiftly and had the client fully up and running, confident, and ready to face the COVID-19 situation head-on.

Get your CRM, IVR, and ACD to “play nice” for 360-degree views

Agents who have contextual information about the customers they are interacting with are more likely to inspire customer loyalty and meet with more upselling and cross-selling success. Providing those details, however, is complicated.

IVR and CRM systems are key to providing customer history and context, as are product databases and knowledge management systems. Developers familiar with the ins and outs of these systems can integrate them into Twilio as tabs, popups, lookup screens, auto-populated fields, and more.

Giving agents the ability to anticipate customer needs and understand how customers have engaged in the past can lead to the type of personalized experience that sets you apart from the competition. Together, Twilio and HGS Digital can equip agents for more positive outcomes through CRM linkages.

We give transaction-level visibility to team leaders, quality assurance specialists, trainers, and more

It takes a village to exceed customer expectations. Behind the scenes, gifted agents are well supported by team managers, trainers, quality assurance specialists, data analysts, and IT professionals.

  • Twilio enables team leaders and coaches to eavesdrop and contribute as necessary.
  • Twilio can capture and record customer interactions for quality assurance.
  • Twilio provides reporting dashboards and data analytics.

With the right systems integrator—HGS Digital—Twilio ensures agents provide the right answer, through the right channel, fast.

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