Our Partnership With Sprinklr

Engage with more social and messaging channel users, faster, with an epic, AI-driven solution.

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Sprinklr technology unifies social; we apply an EPIC approach

Sprinklr is one of the world’s most powerful online customer experience (CX) platforms. Sprinklr helps organizations reach, engage, and listen to customers across 24 social channels, 11 messaging channels, and millions of forums, blogs, and review sites.

Sprinklr provides software for marketing, advertising, research, engagement, and customer care. HGS Digital delivers its engage, protect, inform, create (EPIC) approach using Sprinklr.

We started working with Sprinklr in 2017 and have come to deeply appreciate Sprinklr's many features and capabilities. Our two companies now collaborate regularly for implementation services, joint integration, and ongoing managed services projects. 

How to make your customers happier with customer care

Make your customers happier with great online customer care

Offering a unified front office for modern social channels, Sprinklr has a mission to enable you to make your customers happier. HGS Digital has a similar mission—we want to make your business more competitive by transforming your company into a digital CX innovator.

HGS Digital is focused on enhancing the CX by providing you with a holistic view of customer interactions. We seek to understand (and act appropriately during) your customers’ moments of truth—those moments where they decide to purchase, use, endorse, complain, or abandon your product or service. Using the power of technology—including AI—Sprinklr gives us these unique insights via owned and earned mentions.

Sprinklr enables you to better manage both global and local interactions, promote internal collaboration, draw conclusions from more complete data sets, and save money on software maintenance. Engaging Sprinklr and HGS Digital truly provides a unified experience.

Sometimes an out-of-the-box solution isn’t enough: engage HGS Digital to get the most out of Sprinklr

Sprinklr works best when configured, managed, and used by social media experts. HGS Digital can work with you to strategize, measure, and engage to get the most impactful mentions to the right people at the right time. HGS Digital complements Sprinklr with:

  • Custom, goal-oriented routing and workflow mapping
  • Rules engine design that feeds and trains the AI model
  • Keyword research and definition
  • Social listening topic creation
  • Custom tagging structure builds
  • User interface design and development
  • Custom reporting interface creation
  • Licence management
  • CRM and other marketing tech integrations
  • Long-term managed services
  • Tech support and training resources
Photo of Provide HGS EPIC™ social care with our playbook

Provide HGS EPIC™ social care with our playbook

HGS Digital has created an HGS EPIC™ social care playbook based on Sprinklr. The playbook not only makes day-to-day enterprise social operations more efficient, it helps you to evaluate your current state, define your future state, and map the steps to make that vision a reality. It includes:

  • Rules of engagement and best practices
  • Process, escalations, and workflow
  • Quality management
  • Case management
  • Reporting and KPIs
  • Community manager and agent profiles
  • Training program

Together, we are a one-stop shop for social care and campaign management

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HGS EPIC® Social Care solutions allow you to listen and engage on social media and other online channels, faster. Using a strategic engage, protect, inform, and create (EPIC) method of response, our social care approach combines best practices from customer service and public relations—and leverages Sprinklr.

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HGS Digital’s Creative and Production Services offering ensures you have access to integrated creative resources for your next social campaign. Our creative team will improve your brand reach, generate leads, streamline digital asset production, and create content aligned with what we’ve gleaned through Sprinklr.

Sprinklr case studies, blogs, white papers, and webinars

HGS Digital and Sprinklr experts are together solving some of today’s biggest social media challenges.

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