HGS EPIC™ Social Customer Care

Transform social media into dynamic, interactive customer experience channels

Engage with more customers on social media faster

Customers’ online expectations have increased. On Facebook, 85% of consumers expect a reply in 6 hours; on Twitter, 64% in 1 hour. Yet, the average business takes over a day to reply.

Social media adoption has substantively changed customer engagement. Responding quickly and effectively online has become a strategic imperative even for businesses that have long provided only traditional 1:1 customer service. With social media, online conversation can either present a reputational risk or a big opportunity for gain.

To manage customer service on social and other digital channels, businesses are largely only focused on the customers talking to them — the “owned” conversations. But what they don’t know is that there is a huge volume of conversations about them off the brand channels — the “earned” conversations.

Using artificial intelligence (AI) to filter and route online mentions to the best brand representative enables businesses to participate in all online conversations—fast. AI detects, tailors, and predicts conversations, all while improving the quality of content that your teams focus on and escalating and addressing negativity before it goes viral.

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Female HGS EPIC social care agent with headset at a laptop discusses a client's problem

What is social customer care?

Social care is a strategic method of responding to customer questions, concerns, and mentions through not only social media channels (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) but also through other digital channels (e.g., online reviews, chat, messaging apps).

Social care combines customer service and public relations. It employs personalization and mass communication techniques, factors context-sensitivity, and encompasses both local and corporate points of view.

Working with clients and PR firms, the HGS EPIC™ Social Care team responds to everyday inquiries efficiently while delivering appropriate messaging in the context of human rights, terrorist threat, natural disaster, pandemic, or political or legal issues.

But social care isn’t just about communicating. It’s about gathering big-picture insights from what customers are saying en masse. It’s about monitoring trends and gauging popular sentiment for impactful decisions. A social care team can shape an entire business.

What is HGS EPIC™ Social Care?

HGS EPIC™ Social Care solutions enable organizations to survive and thrive online using four main pillars.


  • Both owned and earned mention response
  • Creative, authentic responses
  • Resolution and drive-to-purchase in-channel
  • 24/7/365 coverage
  • Faster response times
  • Higher response rates


  • Stop rumors
  • Correct inaccuracies
  • Minimize negative brand sentiment
  • Maintain company valuation
  • Protect IP and trademarks
  • Uphold brand guidelines


  • Owned and earned mention analysis
  • Product, customer, and employee insights
  • Immediate alerts for potential crises
  • Real-time reports
  • Competitor listening
  • Emerging brand trends


  • Create memorable moments
  • Amplify opportunities
  • Create engaging content
  • Build relationships with influencers
  • Generate earned media coverage
  • Increase NPS© score

Engage to improve your CX and brand reputation

HGS Digital monitors, manages, and optimizes owned and earned brand content and increases brand competitiveness in terms of response rate, sentiment, personalization, and more. Here’s how it works:

  1. Capture customer conversations and ensure active social listening
    Pick up on brand mentions, spot patterns, cultivate loyalty, and address negativity by identifying, escalating, and mitigating issues before they become crises.
  2. Filter, sort, and triage mentions with AI
    Focus on relevant keywords, use rule engines to prioritize, automate workflows, and never miss an opportunity to interact with consumers across all social media.
  3. Respond with the right team, at the right time, with the right approach
    Allow the right mentions to get to the right teams at the right times. Communicate quickly, authentically, and with context sensitivity using the brand voice.
  4. Measure, optimize, and make data-driven decisions
    Use data to build your brand image, build followers, improve quality, optimize marketing campaigns, and improve operations.

Overview of how HGS monitors, manages and optimizes brand content in increases competitiveness

Our tiered packages become more sophisticated as reliance on social deepens

HGS EPIC™ packages range from social listening and analytics only, to complete social customer care packages.


Social listening

Our intro package:

  • Unlimited listening for owned and earned mentions of your brand to over 350 million sites

  • Translate mentions from up to 100 different languages
  • Detailed, live voice of the customer reporting dashboard
  • Automated crisis and viral alerts
  • Tech support team


Social listening
and analytics
with your response team

Listening package

  • Unlimited licenses for your team to respond to social mentions
  • Detailed team and content performance reporting dashboard
  • Tech support and analytics team


Social listening and
analytics with
our 24/7 response team

Professional package

  • Our 24x7 social response team
  • Real-time crisis and viral mention monitoring
  • Free unlimited tech support and analytics team
  • Live-chat team
  • Content prioritization for fastest response times


Social listening, analytics,
our 24/7 response team,
creative services, Sprinklr

Concierge package

  • Content creation and campaign support
  • Sprinklr technology
Woman's hands on a laptop; superimposed are chat bubbles with social media data types and numbers

Provide greater value with social media management and social care

It’s hard to believe, but many organizations are still treating social media as one-way broadcast tools instead of two-way, fully-fledged customer service channels.

As social media arguably has become one of the most important customer service platforms, businesses must evolve their basic social community management models to deliver more sophisticated social customer care to stay competitive.

Success on social requires a balance of proactive and reactive on-brand engagement. It requires social media management and social media customer care.

At HGS Digital, we work with clients to create, execute, measure, and optimize campaigns (see our Creative and Production Services offerings) and then manage consumers’ response to them (through this HGS EPIC™ Social Care offering). We can integrate these with contact center response efforts, too.

HGS EPIC™ wins awards across industries and geographies

Best Social Media Brand in the Home and Living Category:  For our five-year handling of end-to-end digital solutions.

ECCCSA Most Effective Customer Experience in Social Channels Award:  For our brand-building WhatsApp customer care in Europe.

Stevie Business-to-Business Services Winner: For social care that transforms business and delivers growth.

Creativity International Social Media Campaign Award: For our “New Work Shoes” Work@Home campaign.

Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Award: For breakthrough social media customer care.

HGS EPIC™ wins awards across industries and geographies

We boost competitiveness across the entire customer journey

Positive social interactions can attract new customers and sustain loyalty. But when a business is lax about managing social interaction—or worse, makes a wrong move on social— it can deter prospects and face swift retribution from unhappy consumers.

HGS EPIC™ is a social media monitoring, brand management, online response, and customer care solution all in one.

If you are a PR leader, it can assist with reputation management. If you are a customer service leader, it can assist with channel alignment, and speed and volume concerns. If you’re a marketing leader, it can provide sentiment data and amplify positive feedback and reviews.


For filtering, sorting, prioritizing, predicting, and measuring social response across platforms, teams, and sites.


For a 360-degree view of the customer journey and levels of customer satisfaction.

Scalable & fast

For exceeding industry-standard response times even as you layer on new products, services, team members, and channels.

Measurable & results-oriented

For improving CSAT and quality, increasing revenues, and increasing consumer engagements.

HGS social media playbook illustrated by a laptop showing 80+ mini-screens of various people

Our social playbook drives success

HGS Digital designs, builds, executes, and optimizes complex and high profile social media programs every day. Based on nearly 500,000 social media agent-hours annually, the HGS EPIC™ Social Playbook defines best practices for how to launch a social care operation that delivers high quality responses and meaningful data insights.

Social care FAQs

HGS EPIC™ Social Care enables you to :

  • Set rules on how you want AI to filter, escalate, and tag your content
  • Check your brand’s health across all channels
  • Uncover critical audience mentions
  • Track sentiment by channel and individual mention
  • Automate your crisis monitoring and escalation response system
  • Glean advanced audience and consumer insights
  • Benchmark against competitors and industries
  • Leverage conversational chatbots to reduce labor costs

HGS Digital employs a team of 300+ social media care agents, community managers, data and quality analysts, and program leaders to support client engagements. HGS hires creative, autonomous, digital natives with excellent writing capabilities, experience as brand ambassadors, an appreciation of colloquialisms, and the ability to recognize online trends. Not only has the HGS EPIC™ team developed a definitive playbook, we have a complete set of social agent recruiting standards and processes; a proven training curriculum on how to be a community manager; and team career pathing, coaching, and mentorship programs specific to the social care function. This team, and these scalable, repeatable processes, have helped to grow HGS’s social care business nine-fold in revenue in just 18 months.

Yes! Your dedicated team of professionals is available for the business days and hours of your choosing, or for full 24/7 support, including scaling for high-activity events. Onshore/offshore staffing allows for flexible availability and multi-language support.

Yes! Custom, automated workflows will help your brand prioritize the content that matters most. Alerts and flags help to avert crises. Real-time analytics and reporting tell you what consumers are saying about your brand.

HGS EPIC™ Social Care begins with your strategy! Understanding your customer needs online is mission-critical. Most brands are only beginning to understand how to do that. The HGS EPIC™ framework will take a consultative view of your current process, technology, opportunities, and yours and your competitors’ online reputations to help your brand better understand what is needed for your own custom strategy. The end goal—to make you number one in your customer’s eyes.

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