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Anchor your decisions on at-a-glance, real-time, CX business intelligence
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Data overload is real

Omnichannel CX increases convenience for customers but also increases complexity for the managers of the CX. Reports are rarely integrated. Customer interaction data are not coordinated across online and offline channels. Siloed data lacks the critical unified view required for understanding customer behavior and making decisions.

Enterprises are spending untold amounts of money on producing reports manually, with departmental managers using different data sources and some even hiring dedicated, full-time reporting analysts. These manual reports are time consuming, error prone, and do not provide consistent and accurate information.

There is an easier, efficient way to gain operational visibility: HGS PULSE.

HGS PULSE captures and presents data from omnichannel interactions simply and clearly so brands can coordinate the CX across all channels.

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HGS PULSE provides big-picture, actionable, CX insights

HGS PULSE is a contact center data services platform that provides visibility into business performance. It's an AI-driven data platform designed specifically for contact center teams and the leaders who manage and support them.

For starters, HGS PULSE provides visibility on call data, quality data, staffing and forecasting, and contracts and commercials. With additional data sets—such as CRM, survey, CSAT and NPS®, sales, social media, and website analytics—the portal can provide a 360-degree of your customers with the ability to drill down across sites, departments, channels, and customer segments. The platform provides predictive analytics, real-time, and historical data.

The portal, available as a standalone software-as-a-service or a Bots&Brains solution supplemented with a business intelligence analyst, promotes client-vendor, outsourcer-to-outsourcer, and internal team collaboration while rendering actionable insights faster.

HGS PULSE offers tiered packages for account management, contact center management, and customer journey analytics

Whether you are a call center leader looking for operational optimization, an IT professional trying to manage capacity and latency, a marketing manager designing the next campaign, or a procurement leader comparing vendors and ensuring contract adherence, HGS PULSE provides a multitude of answers and reporting options.

Lite edition

  • Document library for contracts, invoices, communications, strategies and plans, and QBRs
  • Data storage up to 10GB
  • Data retention for 1 year
  • 3 licensed users
  • Data export via portal
  • Email support only

Basic edition

  • Operational analytics for call data, quality data, staffing, and forecasting
  • Document library
  • Data storage up to 25GB
  • Data retention for 2 years
  • Standard datasets (switch, quality, and WFM)
  • 10 licensed users
  • Data export via portal
  • Next business day support response

Enterprise edition

  • Customer analytics that capture omnichannel interactions and enable hyper-personalization
  • Operational analytics for call data, quality data, staffing, and forecasting
  • Document library
  • Data storage up to 100GB
  • Data retention for 5 years
  • Standard datasets and ability to add external data sources
  • 25 licensed users
  • Data extraction on-demand
  • 8x5 on-call support
  • 99% uptime guarantee
  • Access to an advanced business intelligence analyst

Capitalize on data to increase satisfaction and operational efficiency even with the HGS PULSE Basic edition

The Basic edition of HGS PULSE drives operational cost savings using accurate cross-system data and provides deeper understanding via the inherent drill-down, self-service characteristics of online dashboards.

The Basic edition pulls from your currently implemented contact center platforms (e.g., Avaya, Verint, AWS Connect, Twilio etc.) and enables you to synthesize the following. 

Telephony/call metrics

Offered calls, handled calls, abandoned calls, answered calls, transferred calls, talk time, handle time, hold time, wait time, speed of answer, service level, and more

Quality assurance information

Quality evaluations, quality scores, call recording content, and more

Workforce management data

Shrinkage, scheduled/unscheduled absence, breaks and training hours, schedule adherence, and more

Overhead view of people at a desk reviewing HGS Pulse Enterprise edition-produced CRM data

Achieve deeper insights with additional datasets of the Enterprise edition.

According to Bain research, companies with the most advanced analytics capabilities are two times more likely to be in the top quartile of financial performance within their industries and five times more likely to make decisions faster than market peers.

Effectively using all the data your enterprise produces can yield big results, and the HGS Digital team is ready to integrate that data into HGS PULSE.

  • Customer relationship management data (CRM) data: demographics, product details, customer history, etc.
  • Survey data: CSAT and NPS® scores, including promoter, detractor, and passive details
  • Sales and marketing data: total sales, campaign results, product metrics, inventory levels, etc.
  • Social media data: topic trends, sentiment, followers, owned and earned channels, etc.
  • Website analytics: web behavior, content marketing results, chatbot usage, self-service topics, geography, language, time of day, etc.
HGS Pulse male client holds a tablet and reviews AI- ML-driven data to improve CX and ROI

Maximize value with optional AI, machine learning, and even speech-to-text add-ons

With AI and machine learning customizations layered in, the Enterprise edition can help you make sense of mountains of data.

Integrated AI runs algorithms to mechanically analyze all data to help with customer retention and financial improvements.

HGS Digital can even combine AI, machine learning, and speech-to-text to analyze voice calls and derive true voice-of-the-customer insights.

Using the full power of technology, you can answer some of your organization's most burning CX questions. 

  • Segmentation and targeting: What are the characteristics of high value customers?
  • Customer lifetime value: Which customers would appreciate this offer?
  • Customer churn: Which customers are most likely to leave?
  • Recommendation engines: Which campaigns, packages, products, discounts should you offer?
  • Customer attribution: Which channels, geographies, teams yield the highest revenues or profits?
Two HGS Pulse Enterprise edition clients; one holds a tablet showing graphs and discusses the data

This is how the Enterprise edition works.

  1. Data is extracted from source systems (call, quality, workforce management, CRM etc.) automatically. 
  2. Data are then cleansed, integrated, enriched, and stored automatically and securely in a customer data lake.
  3. The latest AI, speech-to-text, and analytical tools and machine learning languages are used to generate custom insights specifically for the contact center.
  4. Once logged into the portal, you (and other authorized users) can access visual reports, charts, tables, etc. pulled from the data lake to manage performance. Drill as deep as you like. 
  5. An HGS Digital business intelligence analyst, provided at cost, can provide custom insights, set up extra dashboards, configure alerts and notifications, export to other systems, and more.

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HGS PULSE offers numerous benefits for contact center stakeholders:

  • Presents massive amounts of data simply and clearly
  • Integrates data from multiple platforms
  • Lets you make decisions faster, based on real-time information
  • Takes the pulse of your operations using any device 24/7
  • Addresses data authority, consistency, and file versioning issues
  • Eliminates the time lag and manual labor to produce reports and spreadsheets
  • Facilitates greater transparency and better client-vendor and cross-departmental communications
  • Puts focus on decision making and strategy instead of producing reports
  • Enables root-cause analysis with drill-down features
  • Reduces the need for everyone to have access to specialized software licences
  • Requires less customization than other expensive CRM/sales systems; designed specifically for contact centers
  • Grows along with you, offers multiple tiers

Deployment requires some involvement from the HGS Digital team and depends on the edition of the portal, the number of data sources, and dashboard complexity. Installation, setup, and training for the Lite edition could be completed in under two weeks. The Basic and Enterprise editions may take four to eight weeks. Please contact us for details. 

Yes, definitely! That’s the beauty of HGS PULSE. The system offers clickable drill-down capability. For example, you can adjust the views by date and time ranges, graph/chart types, department, channel, geography or location, queue, language, product type, customer segment, sentiment, campaign, coupon code, agent or team, CSAT result, etc. Contact us at any time if there are details that you want to see but can’t.

Yes! Originally, the tool was available exclusively for HGS clients. We adapted the portal based on their feedback, and we are now offering it to companies with in-house contact centers or those that are working with other outsourcers.

HGS PULSE is a web-based portal and, therefore, can be accessed on any desktop or mobile device using any common browser. Users must have credentials to log in to view the data. The number of users is based on the edition that you select, but ranges from 3 to 25 users. Additional licenses for any edition can be purchased.

Yes! HGS PULSE is designed as self-serve but additional support is available when you need it. The Enterprise edition includes access to an experienced business analyst who understands your business and can generate custom reports, objectively interpret the data, create PowerPoint presentations, or add new data sets to the portal. Please contact us for details.

The HGS Digital team will be actively involved in monitoring the data loads. All the system upgrades and infrastructure costs are taken care of for you so that you can focus on deriving insights. The Enterprise edition includes a business intelligence analyst who understands your business to support you in this.

The dashboards provide the ability to print, export, and send emails. The Enterprise edition also includes access to a business intelligence analyst who can ensure you are equipped to share key insights with your desired target audiences or to view in your preferred application. This analyst has direct access to the full HGS Digital IT development team.

Yes! HGS Digital has extensive experience in setting up alerts, notifications, etc. We operate a security operations center that specializes in this type of monitoring and have implemented many custom SMS-driven communications solutions.

Data is placed in a secure location and can only be accessible for developers after multifactor authentication. Single sign on is possible for customers who have Microsoft Office 365 accounts.

Certain dashboards can be updated in real-time, while others may be refreshed several times per day, daily, weekly, or monthly. It depends on the data, the data source, and the resources you’re willing to invest.

Let's get started

Give us 30 minutes, and we can provide a tailored demo, discuss possible data sources, and brainstorm about the kind of insights and answers you could glean with HGS PULSE. Your team is probably spending hours and hours manipulating Excel to produce reports every month. Wouldn’t a 30-minute conversation that could eliminate this type of repetitive, low-value work be a good use of your time?