Contact Center Intelligence (CCI) Using AWS

Contact Center Intelligence (CCI) Using AWS

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HGS Digital is an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner

HGS is a global customer experience leader. We run 61 delivery centers in 7 countries and manage billions of customer service interactions every year.

HGS Digital is an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner and early adopter of AWS technologies since 2008. We have invested heavily in our AWS practice, and our consultants have extensive AWS training and certifications, advanced hands-on experience, and best practice methodologies to help you optimize your ROI from AWS.

  • Authorized Commercial Reseller
  • AWS Solution Provider Program
  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate
  • AWS Certified Developer – Associate

AWS Contact Center Intelligence (CCI) is a set of integrated contact center partner solutions powered by AWS AI to improve the customer experience and accelerate operational efficiencies. HGS Digital offers the following solutions to allow maximum flexibility in your telephony infrastructure and minimum integration barriers.

HGS PULSE customer analytics platform

Accurate, real-time updates and better operational insights for making business decisions

HGS Pulse Customer Analytics Platform helped improve client efficiency by forty percent

Client efficiency improvement

HGS Pulse Customer Analytics Platform helped clients save eighty hours per month

Hours saved per month

HGS PULSE uses a state-of-the-art, cloud-based data lake built on the AWS infrastructure. It is scalable for higher data volumes, serverless (pay as you use), and fully automated. The AWS components used for building the cloud-based data lake are S3, Lambda, RedShift, and Dynamo DB. Read more about HGS PULSE


I’m ecstatic about HGS PULSE. The portal is top-notch! I can get insights around product quality instantly without having to rely on others.”

Existing HGS client ($8.6B annual revenue) and over 10K calls/month

Sales, marketing, and customer data analytics

This solution provides the ability to add external sales, marketing, and customer data sets for gaining access to underlying business insights and interaction drivers. We help you to understand customer behaviors, identify the interaction drivers, the impact of promotion on the interactions, key sales metrics, and identifying ways to save cost. The solution is built on top of the AWS cloud-based data lake and uses additional modules for reporting.

​​​​​​​An icon of the graph indicating customer analytics

Customer analytics

  • Volume by channel, brand, product, contact type, geographical distribution
  • Customer segmentation
​​​​​​​An icon of dollar symbol indicating sales analytics

Sales analytics

  • Total sales, refunds, canceled order cost, avg. sales values per order
  • Revenue by customer, by channel, by month, by state
​​​​​​​An icon of percentage indicating survey analytics

Survey analytics

  • CSAT summary, surveys by channel, by month, by contact center location
  • Perfect scores, issue resolution, agent courtesy, agent knowledge
​​​​​​​An icon of a person indicating detractor analytics

Detractor analytics

  • Detractor top call drivers
  • Agent controllable vs. non-controllable
  • NPS trends by team leaders
  • Top agent NPS

AI-Driven Model to Measure Voice of Customer

An icon of a person with headphone depicting Manual Listening

Manual listening

  • <5% of interactions and low accuracy
  • Manual
  • Same resources, same outcomes
  • Subjective and lagging
An icon of digital brain depicting Machine Learning

Machine listening

  • 100% of interactions & high accuracy
  • Fully automated
  • Constantly learns and better outcomes
  • Objective and real time

Voice of the customer

Gain valuable insights from 100% of all customer interactions across channels

We use AI and NLP (Natural Language Processing) to capture every customer interaction on voice, email, chat, messaging, and social media. The near real-time nature of our voice of the customer solution helps mitigate non-compliance or fraud issues and proactively addresses them. The insights generated can be used to improve customer experience and increase your revenue.


Gap reduction between outbound + dropped calls


Improvement in agent compliance


Potential reduction in repeat contacts

40% - 66%

Overall CSAT improvement

Illustrative dashboards

Call drivers dashboard showing analysis, trends, and a keyword word cloud
Sentiment distribution dashboard shows call drivers, number and length of calls, and call data
HGS Pulse male client holds a tablet and reviews AI- ML-driven data to improve CX and ROI

Predictive analytics

HGS uses advanced analytics to generate insights related to customer loyalty, customer lifetime value (CLTV), reasons for churn, fraud analytics, and other recommendations. This solution leverages AI to predict the required business outcomes and get tangible ROI. This solution will help with improved customer retention and increasing revenue.

  • Customer loyalty analytics
  • Customer churn predictions & insights
  • Fraud analytics
  • Recommendation engines
  • Customer attribution

The solution is built on top of the AWS cloud-based data lake. SageMaker is used as the Machine learning infrastructure to train the predictive models. The models are then deployed as endpoints and integrated with the operational systems to gain benefits and insights.

Read more about our Predictive and Cognitive Analytics

Real-time call/email coding categorization/summary

Customer service agents spend considerable time on non-value-added activities that limits revenue generation opportunities. The average after call work (ACW) is typically in minutes, and the majority of time is spent on coding and summarization. Sometimes the agents will have to review more than 600 codes (and keeps changing) per interaction before coding, and this can be very confusing. The whole process is time-consuming, repetitive, and manual.

Illustration explaining the process of after-call work, showing multiple time consuming, error-prone & mundane steps


HGS leveraged AI to automate call categorization and summarization so the process takes less than 10 seconds. By leveraging the AI-based solution, valuable ACW time can be saved. The saved time can be used to make more calls or process more emails/ chats and thereby improve the revenue for the organization. The agent experience improved significantly as the agents do not have to go through mundane and repetitive activities.

Illustration explaining how HGS uses AI to reduce ACW by at least 50 percent, saving millions of dollars.

AWS components used

The solution is built on AWS infrastructure. The key products used for creating the solution are Kinesis, Transcribe, and Dynamo DB.

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