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Cloud Accelerator

Faster, more efficient, secure cloud migrations

Cloud Accelerator provides a secure and operationally efficient cloud ecosystem, allowing companies to focus on what matters – adding value for their customers. It saves enterprises time and money and accelerates cloud adoption.

  • Removes fears and barriers to expeditious cloud adoption.
  • Supports multi-cloud/hybrid cloud strategy.
  • Ensures security and governance best practices are in place for all deployments.
  • Eliminates opportunity for human error/deviance from policies/best practices.

Reduce costs by


when leveraging our tool vs. custom build solution.

Average workload migration times reduced down to

2-3 wks

from 3-4 months

Average account infrastructure provisioning time reduced down to

30 min

from 3-4 weeks

Cloud Accelerator Framework

Cloud Accelerator is a cloud adoption acceleration framework that combines:

  • Proprietary tools
  • Best practices culled from decades of experience
  • Security and governance
  • Automation

We align with your team to define and establish your best practices, requirements and security guardrails to be used as a repeatable framework you can leverage moving forward across our enterprise initiative – reducing churn and rework.

Professional Services

  • Cloud Strategy Consulting Services to align your team, budgets, approvals, execution strategy, and help you gain enterprise buy-in for cloud.
  • Implementation Services for Cloud Accelerator with if/as needed customizations.
  • Terraform and Vault Consulting Services – Install and configure; integration and training.
  • Cloud Experts on Demand - Seasoned cloud experts supplement your team on a project basis or short- or- long term staff augmentation engagements.
Image of a cloud services team discussing strategy

Managed Services

Image of abstract concept of cloud managed services
  • 24X7 Monitoring Service – 24X7 support desk with L1 support, monitoring, alerts, monthly reporting, and training and access to monitoring tool.
  • 24X7 Cloud Support Service - 24/7 Support desk with L1-L3 issue resolution support assistance, root cause analysis and monthly reporting.
  • Cloud Security Services - 24/7 Security Monitoring and Analytics, Security Incident Response, Compliance and Consultancy/Policy Formation, Audits and Assessments, and Threat Intelligence and Vulnerability Management.

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