Business Process Reengineering

The precursor to successful automation
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Design first, automate next

Businesses are oftentimes looking to new technologies to help them stay ahead, even though their processes and systems are often outdated. To address this gap and ensure high efficiency in automation, business process reengineering focuses on fixing the processes before automating the tasks. Human efficiency that’s supported by bot technology is at the crux of process reengineering.

Reengineering is one of the core components of HGS's automation process. It includes reviewing the current process and designing a new, improved process with the goal of enhancing the automation output.

At HGS, our expertise in process automation includes hundreds of clients and process optimization across domains. This experience, combined with experts around the globe, gives us an edge over competitors.

    Do the Research

    While reengineering, It is imperative to identify any dependencies on interconnected processes to understand the repercussions of automation and how to deal with them. 

    Most process reengineering initiatives have the following stages:

    • Examine the process to understand the current scenario and the way the process functions
    • Review the process using tools that undertake gap analysis as well as eliminating any non-value-added steps within the process
    • Interview stakeholders to understand the objective, challenges faced, and the desired outcome of automation 
    • Incorporate feedback to streamline the process
    • Get domain expertise and best practices to fine-tune the process as needed
    • Design new process to make it nimble and linear, and remove current inefficiencies

    Why is process reengineering critical to businesses?


    From a technology standpoint, process reengineering is imperative before starting an automation exercise, since it ensures efficiency in operations and helps build stable bots. It allows us to iron out any inefficiencies that exist as part of the traditional way of running the process, which is often due to the human involvement and comfort of the business SMEs.

    Customer Experience

    Reengineering enhances customer experiences by improving the turnaround time of the processes. It also helps in fine tuning other connected processes that can serve as an input or output to the process being automated. 

    Data Intelligence

    Process reengineering has a big impact on data intelligence and the way organizations look to consume data. The output generated by bots can be used to study the data, which can be further used as insights for decision-making.
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    Steps to process reengineering

    Process reengineering can vary from business-as-usual, where organizations are simply looking for leaner processes, to strategic improvements involving a complete overhaul of the processes. Depending on the objective and scope of automation, there are multiple steps in process reengineering. Here are a few:

    • Identifying industry-wide best practices, leveraging know-how, and mapping the process to match the best practices
    • Using tools such as six sigma and lean principles to find the gaps and removing inefficiencies to improve the process 
    • Conducting a complete design overhaul of the current process and designing a new process
    • Using process mining tools to get a better visibility of the overall processes, identify gaps, roadblocks, hand off issues etc.

    Intelligent automation-related services

    HGS Digital provides end-to-end automation services.

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