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Designing an experience roadmap for the digital customer

Crafting meaningful customer experiences across channels

Two people at a desk, with a laptop & graphs. Interconnected lines represent omnichannel networks

In order for businesses to succeed in the digital era, it’s imperative to be present and relevant where the customer is. Depending on the stage of the business lifecycle and the nature of obstacles, HGS offers omni-channel solutions that complement your growth initiatives in the areas of marketing, advertising, and brand management.

We help create a digital customer experience (DCX) strategy to deliver meaningful customer experiences online and help your business thrive in the digital economy. We have a team of 500+ experts to support client engagements, supported by domain experts, who provide industry-specific insights into your customers' lifecycles so that experiences can be customised based on what customers want. 

Winning at the strategy game

At HGS, we design a digital roadmap based on both the business challenges and requirements, as well as industry best practices, to create a digital experience plan that is future-proof. Here are a few aspects that sets us apart from other players.

Omni-channel strategy

With customers using multiple channels of communication, we help businesses with an omni-channel strategy across websites, mobiles apps, chatbots, and CMS platforms to provide a great customer experience.

Customer centricity

Our strategy is designed with customer centricity and driven by persona identification and customer journey mapping. An analysis of what the customers are thinking, feeling and doing at each stage of their interaction provides the baseline for their digital experience.

Technology partnership

It is critical to choose the right platform that will enable a smooth digital transformation. From choosing CMS platforms, to chatbot technology, to mobile tools, we help find a technology partner that is custom-fit for solving specific business problems.

Roadmap creation

To craft a digital customer experience that is relevant and futuristic, we help in creating a roadmap that includes industry best practices, domain expertise, priorities mapping, plan of action, execution support and change management measures.
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Personas and journey maps 
at the heart of experiences 

Most marketers know the challenges in creating a brand presence that addresses multiple target profiles. Understanding the customers’ requirements and mapping their journeys gives us insights into their pain points and helps in providing customized solutions. A good DCX strategy has the ability to identify personas across the stages of a customer lifecycle and provide exemplary service to all of them. This personalization of content helps in customer engagement, retention, and loyalty. A typical engagement of this nature would include the following:

  • Customer journey mapping and marketing funnel assessment
  • Review and verification of personas based on data and research
  • Persona and journey assessment and strategy
  • New personas and journeys as the foundation of DCX strategy
Two people at a desk, with a laptop & graphs. Interconnected lines represent omnichannel networks.

Phases in creating a DCX strategy

  • The exercise begins with conducting strategy workshops with the key stakeholders within the organization
  • Key issues and pain-points are identified and aggregated with the help of the stakeholders
  • Experts are tasked with identifying the problem areas with scope for improvement and measurable metrics for success
  • Insights on best practices and case studies in the creation of the strategy are shared with the team
  • A roadmap is created. including a feasibility study, technology requirements, setting of priorities, and tools needed
  •  An execution plan is drawn up and approved by all relevant stakeholders
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A workshop to unveil the customer needs

An onsite discovery workshop can provide you with a strong understanding of your current state and an approach to get to the next stage of data maturity.  The workshop includes the following activities:   

  • Understand business and marketing challenges and goals
  • Look at industry best practices and latest trends
  • Understand current customer experiences vs. desired outcomes
  • Plot org. capabilities across digital transformation maturity map
  • Create a high-level strategy approach  for next stage of maturity
  • Identify next steps and create engagement plan
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Looking to decode your customer requirements?

This workshop will help identify the different personas your business services and map your customer journey to serve them better.

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Which CMS tool suits your requirements?

This workshop focuses on defining business requirements and selecting the right content management system for omnichannel publishing.

DCX-related services

HGS Digital provides end-to-end DCX services support.

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Headless CMS

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CX bots and live chat

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