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Strategy at the core of data transformation

In PwC's 22nd Annual Global CEO Survey, 77% of CEOs reported that they planned to pursue operational efficiencies to increase revenue in 2019. A disciplined and comprehensive embrace of data analytics is essential to meeting this goal. However, the comprehensiveness of the data CEOs receive on a variety of measures has not improved over the last ten years. Common reasons include:

  • Lack of data strategy
  • Data in silos
  • Poor data reliability
  • Legacy systems
  • Lack of a data culture
  • Shortage of analytical talent

HGS Digital helps to unleash the value locked in data with a comprehensive data strategy. Our data strategy team includes individuals with cross-functional expertise in digital strategy, data-driven marketing, and marketing data analytics. We work closely with senior executives to help them outline scope, define multi-year roadmaps, identify best operating models, and recommend appropriate technology investments.

HGS's core competence of customer service engagement lays a strong foundation for our data strategy initiatives and empowers companies to move away from experience-based change to data-backed decisions.

Data challenges everywhere

Business leaders face a myriad of challenges in leveraging data for organizational use. These challenges can significantly slow down data transformation initiatives.

Technology challenges

Many CXOs struggle with balancing the adoption of a new technology with an established one. Businesses struggle with retrieving data from legacy systems due to:

  • High reliance on legacy on-premises infrastructure
  • Limited investments in a cloud-based data infrastructure
  • Unused or under-used technology investments

Resource challenges

The resource struggle for many data initiatives include:

  • Team not having right data culture
  • Intuition-based instead of data-driven decisions
  • Lack of data science expertise

Process challenges

Unwillingness of teams to change certain business processes results in challenges for business leaders:

  • Too many manual processes
  • Inconsistent data reporting
  • Lack of automation limiting real-time insights 

Data challenges

Data access and quality are essential for business. Leaders typically face the following data challenges:

  • Data is usually siloed in different systems
  • Data quality is not maintained
  • Businesses lack understanding of customer data
  • Limited capabilities around data mining and analytics

Our workshops can jumpstart your transformation initiatives

Our data strategy workshops enables businesses like yours to build the right data team, processes, and technologies that enable business success.

Enterprise data workshops

Data-Driven Business Strategy

Business Strategy

Businesses looking to derive deep data insights

  • Identify ways to leverage data to gain deeper business insights
  • Outperform competition using data-driven insights and decisions
  • Evaluate data systems, processes, team members, tools, infrastructure 
  • Define data-driven vision, goal and roadmap

Innovation Using Data, Ai-Ml & Cloud Tech

Innovation Using Data,
Ai-Ml & Cloud Tech

Executives looking to revamp offerings by leveraging modern technologies

  • Review industry trends in data, AI-ML, cloud, bots, IoT and more
  • Innovate with modern technologies and inject business growth
  • Create a transformation vision, goals and supporting business cases
  • Define phased roadmap and execution plan
Data-Driven Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy

Marketing organizations looking to make data-driven marketing decisions

  • Learn from data-driven marketing industry trends and best practices
  • Define a marketing and sales funnel approach to track conversions
  • Audit martech stack, people, process and data maturity within marketing
  • Define execution plan for tools and processes to become data-driven

Data-driven growth workshops

Data Engineering & Cloud Data Strategy

Data Engineering &
Cloud Data Strategy

Businesses looking for enterprise-wide data management strategy

  • Review industry best practices and examples
  • Assess business needs, current infrastructure, data flows and quality, systems, processes and people 
  • Create data architecture, governance, and resource recommendations
  • Define roadmap and implementation plan
Data Sciences Center-of-Excellence

Data Sciences

Executives looking to setup a CoE to support data initiatives

  • Identify opportunities/use cases/ business cases for setting up COE
  • Create COE strategy & roadmap- leadership, team, governance, processes, tools and technologies,
  • Create change management and communication, program management and execution, and business adoption and training
  • Define timelines and execution plan
Data Quality & Hygiene Strategy

Data Quality &
Hygiene Strategy

Executives looking for data quality and hygiene processes 

  • Review data infrastructure, systems, data flows, systems and data quality processes
  • Discuss hygiene best practices and validate existing processes/data
  • Perform data diagnostics and assessments 
  • Define data hygiene/unification strategy including processes and governance recommendations

Customer data workshops

Customer 360 Data & Hyper-personalization

Customer 360 Data &

Executives looking for better
​​​​​​​customer insights 

  • Learn how innovators are hyper-personalizing experiences using data
  • Define a customer hyper-personalization vision 
  • Provide recommendations for building Customer 360 view
  • Define a hyper-personalization roadmap and execution plan
Mar-tech & Marketing Analytics Strategy

Mar-tech & Marketing
Analytics Strategy

Marketing executives looking to align MarTech stack with marketing goals

  • Define/review customer journey mapping and marketing funnel
  • Review existing MarTech stack and appropriate recommendations
  • Perform web analytics audit, including data layer and tag manager audit
  • Define marketing analytics strategy, timelines and execution plan
Customer Data Platform (CDP) Strategy

Customer Data Platform
(CDP) Strategy

Marketing executives looking to setup a customer data strategy

  • Identify use cases that CDP can help solve
  • Create vendor evaluation framework and identify vendors for evaluation
  • Setup vendor demos, perform vendor evaluation and selection
  • Create implementation roadmap

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Executing transformation via a
​​​​​​​data sciences CoE

While strategy is just one aspect of data transformation, execution of the set strategy is a critical factor in the success of the endeavor. We've helped businesses execute their data-driven initiatives by helping them establish a data sciences center of excellence.

Would you like to learn more about the key aspects of designing a data-driven CoE?

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Launching a data-based transformation initiative?

Our workshops, including FREE Data-Driven Transformation Discovery Sessions, can jump start your transformation initiatives. 

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Need to set up a data analytics CoE?

Set it right the first time and use your data to inform your business decisions
Learn from our experts how to set up a CoE.

Data and analytics-related services

HGS Digital provides end-to-end data and analytics services.

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Data engineering and business intelligence

Icon of graph in a crystal ball to illustrate predictive analytics

Predictive and 
cognitive analytics

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Consumer and business analytics

Icon of a graph with a magnifying glass over it to illustrate marketing analytics

Marketing analytics

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