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Power your customer data to deliver meaningful customer experiences

Modern-day businesses are engaging with their customers in real time, and to make the most of these interactions, businesses need to understand their customers at a granular level. What are customers’ tastes and preferences, what channels do their customers choose, where do they research products and services, and when do they make buying decisions? Unifying all the data from integrated marketing channels for achieving customer intelligence will be a game changer to businesses.

Customers are looking for better experiences that are more personalized to address their individual needs and preferences. Real time data about customers across channels needs to be integrated with data from various sources and analyzed to reveal insights on buying behavior. The goal is to provide the right offer to the right customer through the right channel. This will help to satisfy customer expectations, while increasing wallet-share from a revenue perspective.

HGS helps businesses collect data on internal processes within various functions with a view to improve their operational efficiencies and response time. This enables organizations to act nimbly and in an informed manner. Analytics performed on business process data can reveal insights that have the potential to help re-engineer processes, automate repetitive tasks, and improve overall responsiveness.

Consumer analytics

Companies need to have a comprehensive understanding of customers so that they can manage them over the customer lifecycle:


Attract the most profitable prospects through targeted acquisition campaigns


Provide best-in-class service to keep customers satisfied


Increase product penetration via upsell and cross-sell campaigns


Retain the most valuable customers using customer lifetime value (CLV) metrics

A range of analytics solutions such as customer 360-degree view, CLV, churn analysis, channel analysis, and store traffic analytics will help to better manage customers over their lifecycles.

Business analytics

Organizations can leverage the power of data and analytics to improve the performance and efficiency of their internal functions such as finance, HR, supply chain, operations, and marketing. Visit HGS Digital’s Data Analytics Center of Excellence page for more information on the types of analytics that are possible for each function.

Diagram of core CDP workflow: from collecting data to cleansing data, unify data and user segmentation to cross-channel customer personalization and advertising

A unified customer data platform from HGS Digital lets your data work for you

A customer data platform (CDP) lets your data work for you. CDP enables you to get a single view of each customer, providing for a better use of your first-party data to more accurately segment and drive hyper-personalized experiences.

  • Ingest real-time data streams from all sources
  • Unify disparate customer data channels with a single customer view
  • Make the unified data visible to external systems to take effective action

A data-driven approach to contextualizing experiences and delivering personalized advertising will not only help you optimize your media spend but also increase effectiveness. It provides verifiable ROI for any activity where customer data is captured.

hyper-personalization marketing strategy

Marketing strategy powered by hyper-personalization

Hyper-personalization represents a transformational shift in which marketing campaigns are driven more towards achieving one-to-one interactions with customers compared to the traditional way of targeting customer segments. Delivering individualized experiences is at the heart of converting a business’s generic audience into loyal customers. Hyper-personalization helps organizations gain a deeper customer connection and build a loyal customer base.

By leveraging the power of hyper-personalization, HGS Digital brings together the right tools, industry insights, and a network of resourceful partner ecosystems to help you create the right strategies for building a loyal customer base.

icon of a user's 360 degree properties: profile, preferences, career, behavior, social and shopping

Customer 360 and Hyper-Personalization Workshop

Learn how innovators are hyper-personalizing experiences and building a customer 360 view using data.

icon of core tools in the Marketing Tech Stack: CMS, DAM, Marketing automation, CRM, Social management, Analytics and Lead Management

Mar-Tech and Marketing Analytics Strategy Workshop

Learn how to align mar-tech-stack with marketing and business goals and perform web analytics audit

Data and analytics-related services

HGS Digital provides end-to-end data and analytics services.

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Data engineering and business intelligence

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Predictive and cognitive analytics

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Marketing analytics

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