A Customer Data Platform (CDP) from HGS Digital lets your data work for you.

  • Ingest real-time data streams from all sources: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd party
  • Unify disparate customer data channels with a single customer view
  • Make this unified data visible to external systems to take effective action


Your prospective customer engages with your brand in multiple channels at different times in a very fragmented journey to get to a decision point. The big challenge for marketers is to answer key questions such as:

  • Who is consuming the media that we produce?
  • Which ads are doing well on what media channels?
  • What is influencing the consumer’s purchase decisions?
  • What actions are our prospects taking and where are they responding?
  • How can we show ROI and marketing efficiency?


Understanding your targeted segments at the individual level through an integrated data view is key.

A customer data platform (CDP) enables you to get a single view of each customer, providing for a better use of your first-party data to more accurately segment and drive hyper-personalized experiences.

A data-driven approach to contextualizing experiences and delivering personalized advertising will not only help you optimize your media spend but also increase effectiveness. And it provides verifiable ROI for your marketing, fundraising, events—any activity where customer data is captured.

Creating a Unified Customer Data Platform

The goal is to build a platform that enables data-driven marketing decisions and actions.



Let HGS Digital help you be successful.

Identifying the right CDP for you, and then developing a strategy to effectively utilize and implement it, is the key to success. At HGS Digital, we work with our customers to develop a digital marketing strategy through to the selection and implementation of CDPs and digital experience platforms.

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