Cloud Managed Services

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Reliable, proactive, and cost-effective IT managed services do exist

Today’s IT departments are often a patchwork of permanent and contract staff, project-specific collaborators, vendors, service and solution providers, and more. Keeping these resources aligned is challenging. Technology leaders have more than enough to do, so partnering with a likeminded, strategic, and responsive managed services partner (MSP) can be transformative!

Engaging an MSP is not akin to “giving in” and abdicating control. In reality, with the right MSP, outsourcing the responsibility for some of your IT services can be truly empowering. (Just ask our clients!)

Collaborating with an MSP enables in-house teams to focus on more strategic projects, share the burden of ongoing operations, and gain access to all the latest management tools, equipment, software, and techniques with one monthly invoice.

But how do you find an MSP with industry knowledge, a client-first approach, credentials, and an unbiased vendor approach? HGS Digital has these qualities in spades!

Streamline your IT operations with our cloud managed services

In conversations with clients, we hear they are struggling to keep up with ever-growing business demands. We hear about the pressure to deliver a continuous, expedited cycle of improved user experiences. We hear about limited resources and skills gaps. We hear about privacy, security, audits, and compliance. We hear about innovation, competitiveness, digital transformation, and budget restrictions—sometimes in one sentence!

Cloud can address many of these challenges and lighten the on-prem burden. But even cloud services need to be managed. Someone must continually ensure the environment is current, compliant, stable, secure, relevant, and optimized. But the real questions are "who?" and "how?"

HGS Digital can take ownership of part or all of the management of your environment. Not only can we manage your cloud services, we can help to optimize and streamline your operations to allow you to focus on activities that drive true business value.

24/7 monitoring service

with L1 support

  • Monitoring, alerts, reporting
  • Training and monitoring tool
  • Root-cause analysis 
  • Patching, maintenance, L1-L3 support for:
    • WebCenter sites
    • WebLogic and more

Cloud platform
​​​​​​​management service

  • Cost and billing analytics
  • Cloud optimization and best practices
  • Security and compliance best practices

24/7 cloud

support service

  • 24/7 access to L1-L3 cloud experts
  • Issue resolution support
  • Root cause analysis and incident reporting
Overview of HGS's L1 Cloud Monitoring Service

24/7 monitoring with L1 support

Our dedicated, around-the-clock cloud monitoring experts are available to watch your environment, alert you to issues or anomalies, respond to tickets, and provide L1 support to help you determine and address issues and causes.

This offering includes daily, weekly, and monthly reports to provide you with insights that help maintain the stability of your environment. At a more granular level, the reports help you to understand monitoring status, ticket trending, average response times, and more—all to ensure the continuous delivery and uptime.

Pair this service with our 24/7 Cloud Support Service for L1–L3 issue diagnosis, root-cause analysis, issue resolution, and reporting.

What do we monitor?

We monitor website, server, cloud, network, application, and real user performance. Across multiple regions and even multiple clouds, we monitor your entire infrastructure with the convenience of a unified web console. We help you to avoid potential issues before users are aware or affected. With our monitoring service, gain insights on:

  • ​​​​​​​CPU utilization, CPU by core
  • Memory utilization, break up, memory pages
  • Disk utilization, individual disks
  • Windows services, processes
  • Event logs, syslogs
  • In/out traffic statistics
  • Core application services and processes
  • Server interfaces and traffic details
  • Resources on the server
  • Network function threats
  • VMware monitoring
  • Application performance and behavior
  • Real, individual, and aggregate user experience
  • Website ISP issues, DNS, domain configuration, critical keywords
  • Segment performance by:
    • Browser type and version
    • Transaction accessed by users
    • JavaScript errors
    • Device type
Three men look at cloud management data on a laptop at an office desk

Cloud platform management service

As your cloud use and reliance increases, you may face challenges around management, predictability of spend, billing segregation, and reporting across multiple cloud accounts (or vendors).

Tracking cloud efficiency beyond billing and reporting to include security, optimization, and general best practices for your cloud workloads can be a big undertaking. Our service simplifies usage, accelerates adoption, and increases ROI through:  

  • Cost and billing analytics
  • Cloud best practices and optimization
  • Security and compliance best practices
  • Spending thresholds and alerts
  • Detailed reporting

Based on your specific needs, we’ll establish a cadence for customized reports. Reports can identify overall usage and spend by cost center, for example. Point-in-time snapshots, historical and predictive analysis, and notifications can also flag optimization opportunities.

In the event that you need assistance with implementing any changes to optimize your cloud, our Cloud Experts on Demand service are available to work alongside your team. 

Cloud expert monitoring data 24/7 in an office filled with computers

24/7 cloud support service

Due to ever-increasing cloud adoption, finding cloud experts is not always easy. Even as your team transitions from managing on-premises workloads to managing cloud workloads, they face a learning curve. Our team of advanced cloud resources can work with your team to provide skills and knowledge transfer to make the transition to the cloud seamless.

In the event that you experiences issues, we offer support services to help your team uncover the cause and expedite remediation. Our Cloud Support Service lets you raise a ticket any time, day or night, and gain access to cloud support professionals who can troubleshoot.

We offer an annual cloud support agreement featuring:

  • 24/7 cloud support desk with L1 support
  • Access to escalation and engagement of L2 and L3 experts for issue resolution assistance
    • Root-cause analysis
    • Monthly reporting

Our Cloud Support Service will lift a weight off your shoulders. Engage with us as you work to achieve and maintain a steady state.

Find strength in cloud numbers

Are you nervous about making a cloud managed services leap of faith? These MSP numbers should ease your mind.

  • In 2020, companies of all sizes will allocate 20% or more of their total IT budget to hosted/cloud-based services, and companies with 500+ employees will allocate 20% of IT spend to managed services (Spiceworks).
  • Across North America and Europe, companies anticipate allocating hosted and cloud budgets to productivity solutions (14%), online backup/recovery (12%), email hosting (10%), web hosting (8%), business support apps (8%), and cloud storage (7%) (Spiceworks).
  • The global managed services market was valued at $155.91 billion in 2017 and it is expected to reach $296.38 billion by 2023 (Marketwatch).
  • By 2022, up to 60% of organizations will use an external service provider’s cloud managed service offering, which is double the percentage of organizations from 2018 (Gartner).

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HGS Digital has extensive experience delivering cloud managed services for enterprise websites.


In the full spirit of cloud computing, HGS Digital primarily provides its managed services remotely.

At HGS Digital, we have the flexibility to support any and all sizes of client engagement. Each client’s needs are unique and specific, but following are some broad pricing guidelines:

  • Our Cloud Monitoring Service fees are billed monthly based on a set percentage of your monthly cloud consumption.
  • Our Cloud Platform Management Service fee is billed monthly based on a set percentage of your monthly cloud consumption.
  • Our Cloud Support Services are billed monthly and based on a set percentage of your monthly cloud consumption.

We offer our Managed Services in three tiers: 

  • Tier 1: Cloud Monitoring Service
  • Tier 2: Cloud Monitoring Service + Cloud Platform Management Service
  • Tier 3: Cloud Monitoring Service + Cloud Platform Management Service + Cloud Support Service

For detailed pricing and to select the tier that is right for you, contact 

It really depends on the issue, the severity, our agreement, etc. For each workload we monitor, we collaborate closely with you to understand requirements, preferences, boundaries, sensitivities, etc. At the beginning of every managed services engagement, we develop clear escalation processes and criteria with the client, including defining the communications preferences for alerts, notifications, channels, etc. Each client’s preferences are specified in a customized “run book” that the HGS Digital team refers to 24/7/365 to ensure that we are meeting expectations.

We typically respond to all tickets within 30 minutes, with even lower average response times.

SLA TimeFirst Response


0.5 business hours


2 business hours


8 business hours


24 business hours

In a steady state (i.e., most of the time), the client will not need to lift a finger to manage the cloud service for which they’ve engaged HGS Digital. However, when an issue or incident arises, our level of responsibility varies depending on the client’s chosen service and level of support. For example:   

  • If we’re providing only monitoring services, when an issues arises, we will alert and consult with you to understand how you want to address that issue.
  • If we’re providing monitoring services with L1 support, we inform you of the issue and then provide L1 initial/basic support; in this scenario, your designated team is primarily responsible for resolving the issue.
  • If we’re engaged in both 24/7 monitoring service and you also have a 24/7 support contract for full issue resolution, then our L1 to L3 resources will work to uncover and resolve the issue alongside your team. 

All HGS Digital employees are subject to a comprehensive background check and are responsible for strictly adhering to HGS Digital’s information and security best practices. Should you have a need for a specific level of security clearance, we are open to working towards obtaining that level of clearance.

As we work with numerous industries and within a multitude of client engagements, HGS Digital team’s credentials are second to none. Our personnel are constantly working to build their skills and certifications. Following is a snapshot of our key certifications:  

  • AWS
  • HashiCorp
  • IBM
  • Microsoft
  • Tenable (TCNA)
  • Site 24X7
  • Pandora Labs
  • CISA
  • CEH
  • PCI
  • LogRhythm
  • McAfee

Yes! HGS offers security audit services; please visit our Cloud Security Operations Center Services page for more information. We also support and participate in clients’ licensing audits as they arise during the normal course of operations and they look to bring on-prem workloads to the cloud. We’d be pleased to provide insights into the various licensing models and to work with you to build a cloud architecture that adheres to your licensing requirements.

Let's get started

Peter Drucker sagely observed that “Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things.” At HGS Digital, cloud managed services is a misnomer then, as we both manage and lead. We not only oversee your day-to-day cloud operations, we provide continuous leadership and value. Contact us to find out how.