Cloud Migration: Where to Start?

Today, a comprehensive cloud strategy stands critical to every organization’s digital transformation goals. The needs of modern day consumers are very dynamic. So, it is very important for businesses to support their customer demands on time to achieve competitive advantage. Moving to a robust cloud platform can empower businesses to deliver their customers the full flexibility to consume products and services the way they want, any time, any place while providing a unified experience.

If you’re early in your journey to cloud or unsure of where to start, HGS Digital can help you do it with precision and speed. Our team of seasoned cloud experts can help you build a repeatable and successful approach designed to accelerate your migration to the cloud. We bring 15+ years of experience and 160+ successfully delivered digital engagements to help you succeed with your cloud migration journey.

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Cloud Experts on Demand- Leverage our team as an extension of your team.

Disaster Recovery in the Cloud is an Excellent Entry Point in Your Journey to the Cloud.

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Disaster Recovery in the Cloud — An HGS Digital Whitepaper.


Common Use Cases for Cloud

cloud securitySecurity and Compliance

Meet security and compliance requirements without giving up the control, agility, and reporting you need.

cloud backup and recoveryDisaster Recover & Backup

Ensure you’re covered in case of emergency with secure replicated environments with quick recovery times, lower costs, and reduced risks.

capacity expansionCapacity Expansion & Flexibility

Easily scale up and down to meet the dynamic demands of your business, pay only for what you need when you need it without resource constraints or underutilized infrastructure

data center consolidationData Center Consolidation

No more disparate legacy infrastructures. Consolidate to a centrally managed and automated cloud data center.

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Headless CMS as an example of how migrating your CMS to cloud reduces costs and improves security.



Ensure optimal efficiencies on the cloud with HGS Digital’s cloud migration strategy.

Evaluate & Plan

  • Business Readiness Assessment
  • Cloud Portability Analysis
  • Cloud Model Evaluation (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, Private vs Public vs Hybrid cloud)
  • Vendor Evaluation
  • Disaster Recovery Planning
  • Monitoring and Reporting Requirements

Migrate & Test

  • Architecture Design
  • Inbuilt tools and Methodologies, As-Needed Development
  • Infrastructure setup with Monitoring Service
  • Migrate workloads (Applications, Databases, Content), Testing and Go Live

Secure and Optimize

  • Data/Application Governance and Security/Compliance
  • Post-migration Testing
  • Patching, Upgrades and other Enhancements
  • Performance Reviews/Optimization

HGS Digital, your trusted partner for cloud migrations.

Whatever your motivation is for moving to the cloud, HGS Digital can support your team in building the right approach to ensure your migration journey is a success.


Our comprehensive approach to cloud migration guides you through the appropriate planning and steps to ensure a successful outcome.  Whether you're looking for seasoned resources to join and augment the skills on your existing team or are seeking a fully managed solution, we can help. 

Where Do I Begin?
  • Cloud Readiness Assessment, Planning & Migration Services 
    • Public, Private, Hybrid
    • Cloud Optimization
    • BCP & Legal
    • Security & Compliance
    • TCO Analysis & Procurement
    • Data Governance
    • Development Service
    • DR Planning
    • Workload Migration
    • Testing and Go Live
  • DevOps Services
  • Cloud Experts on Demand

Our Cloud Technology Partners

We partner with leading cloud technology providers to help you achieve business goals and drive growth.

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