Machine Learning 101 For Savvy Retail Marketers

A recent Forrester study indicated that e-commerce transactions will account for 17% of retail sales by 2022. This means retail marketing teams need to handle enormous data inflow, implement new-age customer relationship strategies to drive brand loyalty and improve customer lifetime value. This situation is driving retail marketers to adopt machine learning capabilities to their MarTech stack. Companies making extensive use of machine learning are reaping the benefits of better customer segmentation, predicting customer behavior, and personalizing customer experiences. Not just that, machine learning is aiding organizations to better streamline and automate marketing operations to help significantly improve their bottom line. 

Our whitepaper outlines strategies and tactics for marketers to make the best use of machine learning in creating a data-powered retail organization.  

The whitepaper offers insights into: 

  1. Introduction: Machine Learning for Marketers
  2. Challenges to Achieve the Vision
  3. ML for Marketing Organizations 
    • Segmentation and Targeting 
    • Customer Churn 
    • Customer Life Time Value (CLTV) 
    • Recommendation Engines 
    • Marketing Mix Modeling 
    • Customer Attribution

Power your marketing team with machine learning capabilities and transform into a data-driven retail organization.