Client Challenge

Many of our clients are looking for ways to deliver better customer support and service. Finding, implementing and leveraging quality contact center service solutions can be daunting and expensive. This challenge is compounded when coupled with budget constraints and pressure to reduce costs without sacrificing the quality of the customer experience.

Common Issues:

  • Same call flow/IVR routing and unnecessary transfers regardless of intent for all customers
  • Centers are constrained to specific location and number of seats regardless of business cycle
  • Hardware, software, telephony, etc. all handled separately
  • Limited data, analytics, and insights
  • Costly and lengthy on-prem infrastructure setup and deployment
  • Limited integrations/difficult to integrate third party systems
  • Difficult to scale, adjust for business cycle

Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) Can Bring Value


  • Dynamic, customized contact flows/routing
  • Support thousands of agents
  • Scalability allows fluctuating call volumes and increase center efficiency
  • Real-time analytics
  • Cheaper setup and operational costs
  • Seamless third-party integrations
  • Agents focus on customer service, not sifting and gathering information

Comparison of On Prem Solution and CCaaS Solution


Contact Center in the Cloud by HGS Digital and Amazon Connect

Amazon Connect Helps


Amazon Connect can be a powerful solution to meet these needs while improving the customer experience. This cloud-based contact center service offers a self-service graphical interface that makes it easy for non-technical users to customize and design the contact flows, track performance metrics and manage agents.

Reduce the number of solutions and vendors you need to manage, easily integrate partner tools like CRM software, and scale to meet your needs.

Solution Benefits

  • Pay as you go model eliminates the need for up front or long-term commitments.
  • You can easily scale up or down the service as your contact center service needs change.
  • Offers and open and reliable platform for ease of integration and runs in 66 Availability Zones within 21 global regions.
  • Is AI enabled for ease of use with AI Lex chatbots and AI Powered Speech Analytics for Amazon Connect which can show caller sentiment and mine customer data in order to recognize and uncover patterns and trends.

HGS Digital Professional Services

Our experience

With over 11 years of experience on AWS Cloud and 16 years helping clients achieve digital transformations, HGS Digital brings knowledgeable resources to every customer engagement. From assessing your contact center needs, to implementing your solution, we work with you to ensure that we tailor a contact center solution that meets your very specific business objectives.

Ways to Engage Our Services

Project Based: HGS Digital can work with you to deliver your project completely in an engagement with clearly defined deliverables and timelines, building and delivering your solution with a full project team from onset through go live.

Staff Augmentation: HGS Digital can help you drive your project by providing seasoned professionals from our team to act as extended part of your team to work alongside and under the direction of your team as subject matter experts for short or long term staff augmentation service engagements.

AWS Connect and HGS Digital Deliver Value

AWS Connect:

  • 100% Cloud Based Solution
  • Contact Center Friendly
  • Cost Effective
  • Better Customer Satisfaction

HGS Digital

  • 250+ Successful Digital Engagements
  • 16+ Years Driving Digital Innovation
  • 11+ Years Delivering Cloud Solutions
  • Flexible Service Engagement Models

Solution Highlights: Use Cases

Lead Generation Contact Center


  • Centralize delivery of sales and business development support for US Sales Team
  • Support for the US Sales Team by converting website visitors into leads, for immediate action
  • Provide alignment and improved quality of the pre-sales / lead generation process


Provide the enabling technology (Amazon Connect) to quickly setup the offshore Lead generation and Lead management team:

  • Cloud-based telephony system to handle inbound and outbound calls
  • Call recording system
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Salesforce will be used for sales leads/management

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)


  • Centralize delivery of first level recruitment and manpower sourcing for HGS US and Canada Offices
  • Support for the US and Canada offices by screening and qualifying applicants and matching the applicants to the recruitment managers
  • Provide alignment and improved quality of the candidate screening and qualifying process


Provide the enabling technology (Amazon Connect) to quickly setup the offshore recruitment support team:

  • Cloud-based telephony system to handle inbound and outbound calls
  • Call recording system
  • Reporting and analytics
  • In-house developed Recruitment Management System (RMS) will be used for job openings and candidates matching

We Can Help

Though client needs and project goals are very unique, the need to meet the increasing expectations of more savvy customers and deliver excellent customer service is shared across all organizations. AWS Connect and HGS Digital can help you deliver on your objectives.

HGS Digital is an AWS Advanced Partner. To learn more about our experience and success helping clients deploy solutions on AWS, visit our AWS Partner Page.

Customer Success Stories

Building a Lead Generation Contact Center Solution with Amazon Connect

contact-centerHGS Digital created contact flows a client who needed a centralized support for their US Sales Team, within Amazon Connect.


Improving Candidate Screening Process with Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) and Amazon Connect

recruitment-processHGS Digital worked alongside the Client team to build and deliver an improve candidate screening processes, with Amazon Connect.


Contact Center Migration: Creation of Contact Flows Achieved with Amazon Connect

contact-center-migrationHGS Digital worked in conjunction with the HGS Philippines Technology services teams to help Client migrate out of current contact center provider into HGS, in 30 days.