Download this WHITE PAPER that answers all your DevOps questions

1. What does DevOps mean?
2. How is DevOps different from Agile?
3. What is the origin of DevOps?
4. How pervasive is DevOps?
5. Why is DevOps important to my organization?
6. How can DevOps improve team relationships?
7. What are the best pratices in DevOps strategy?
8. What are the best security practices?
9. How can DevOps improve user experience?
10. Why do DevOps and cloud go hand-in-hand?

HGS Digital's AWS DevOps Capabilities

HGS Digital is an Amazon Web Services Advanced Consulting partner with 11 years of success in delivering digital innovation for our clients powered by AWS. We are well versed in the benefits that the AWS DevOps approach and on demand services can bring to your organization. These fully managed services will help you leverage AWS resources faster so you can focus on your core product. The AWS resources are built to scale and offer complete flexibility to increase or decrease capacity on demand. Each service can be used via the AWS command Line Interface or through APIs and SDKs. AWS Developer tools help you drive continuous integration and delivery and enable you to securely store and version your application's source code and auto- matically build, test, and deploy your application to AWS or your on-premises environment