Evaluating Customer Data Platforms (CDPs)

A detailed guide on how to assess & evaluate CDPs for your organization's needs...

Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) are gaining prominence because of the immense amount of value that they bring to the marketing organization. As the industry is growing fast with new vendors joining quickly, it’s important for your organization to evaluate and identify the right CDP vendor to work with. Many vendors claim they provide a complete solution, although they may not. It’s therefore upon your organization to evaluate the vendors as they bring distinct capabilities that suit your business needs.

CDP evaluation - Data Ingestion & Storage.png

This guide provides a detailed criteria upon which the CDP vendors should be evaluated on, which includes:

  • Data ingestion & storage
  • Data quality & enrichment
  • Identity unification
  • Data segmentation
  • Reporting capabilities
  • Data actioning
  • Data security
  • Performance & scalability
  • Architecture
  • Business & pricing evaluation
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