Case Study: Retail

Next-gen mobile application to improve end-user experience and maximize sales

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About our client

Headquartered in Pella, Iowa, privately-held Pella Corporation offers a full range of energy-efficient windows and doors, including residential and commercial products for new construction, remodeling and replacement projects. Known for innovation since the company was founded in 1925, their mantra is they “can offer customers windows and doors to meet virtually any design or budget.” Manufactured at sites across the USA, Pella Windows and Doors are available across North America and in select countries overseas.

Business challenges

Pella’s sales teams were using a mobile app on IPad to demonstrate with clients at meetings. Challenges included the following:

  • The app was very multi-media heavy and very large (around 3G)
  • If internet connection is poor, it was very slow and updates required a lot of space and time
  • Non-asynchronous download led to time issues and frustrations
  • Admins and tech users had a very cumbersome updating process

The solution

  • Windows platform, PC-based and for Windows tablet
  • Employed Xamarin- and Java-based solution for Windows 10 devices
  • Combo back end portal and windows app allows admin to configure look and fee and the UI
  • Built so data can be asynchronous downloaded
  • Presentation controlled from back end; can be updated anytime; allows for more control from admin
  • Users can roll out different versions of app for separate groups allowing for multichannels and reuse of existing content


  • Improved overall end-user experience
  • Provided marketing admin more control with less dependence of in-house IT

Visualization of project outcomes

Pella Presenter AppPella Presenter Application

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