Case Study: Retail

Increasing digital engagement with a cohesive content marketing strategy

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About our client

Our client is acclaimed as an innovator in its field who offers a vibrant portfolio of paint products and tailor-made services for its customers. The paint company has an international presence in 5 countries: India, Nepal, Poland, Bangladesh, and Russia. The company's countrywide distribution network of 25,000+ dealers and has 13 manufacturing units.

Business challenges

India’s leading paint manufacturer company wanted to build their digital presence and grow the brand online.

The solution

We delivered a 360-degree digital transformation plan, led by our content marketing strategy.

Content Marketing:

  • We built a profile for the brand's online consumers and developed a content strategy that would resonate with the target audience
  • As a result of our consumer study, we built the 7th sense content strategy, which was focused on equating colors to different human senses. This was then crafted into a responsive website.
  • In conjunction with the website, we started a blog called, where content is updated on a weekly basis. The content is curated for the search to grow the online presence.
  • Additionally, we had influential guest bloggers write exclusive content for the brand and share it with their followers. This increased the variety of the content and grew the consumer base organically.

Social Media Marketing:

  • We took the 7th sense theme to social media and created engaging content that was supported by event-based campaigns and positive feedback.

Visualization of project outcomes

The highest number of Facebook fans & Twitter followers in the paint’s industry

social media followers stats

The most engaging brand across the social media platforms in the paint industry

social media engagement stats

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