Case Study: Cloud

Improving content management capabilities with a cloud-based web content management system

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About our client

Our client is a worldwide designer, developer and global supplier of products based on analog and digital semiconductor technologies for wired infrastructure and wireless communications.

Business challenges

With an ambitious strategy to expand into new markets and uphold its leadership position globally, the client is expanding rapidly through both organic growth and acquisitions to strengthen its product lines. Overall, the client is in an exciting phase of the business, but the current IT infrastructure was unable to match the needs of the rapidly growing business. The client needed solutions to address these challenges: 

  • Migration and integration. Help migrate and integrate their newly acquired business sites with the organization’s content management solution (CMS) to provide a consistent brand image and seamless customer experience.
  • Scalability: Establish a scalable architecture available on demand to meet their growing business needs.
  • Reduce Cost: Reduce the rising IT expenditure and justify ROI from future IT investments.
  • Managing and Maintaining: Assist with managing and maintaining their environment and application.

The solution

  • Roadmap for transition: HGS Digital outlined a clear road-map to help the client make an effective transition towards a future-ready cloud environment.

  • Scalable architecture: Additionally, we established a scalable architecture using Oracle WebCenter technology to develop and manage the web site and migrated additional web properties of the new acquisitions to the main web site.
  • Infrastructure for cloud and legacy technologies: By clearly accessing the scalability, monitoring and cost benefits of the cloud, HGS Digital helped the client build an IT environment/infrastructure where cloud and legacy technologies coexist to augment the dynamic business needs of the client in a fully managed delivery model.


  • Improved capabilities. Since the initial engagement, four additional properties have moved to the cloud-based web content management solution, enabling the organization to achieve faster time to market. It also helped content publishers take more control over managing the web site and reduced dependency on developers. The fully managed cloud solution delivers all of this to the client without the need of additional IT staff, frees their team to focus on other business drivers, and with 24/7 Monitoring in place, they have peace of mind that their environment is stable and secure.
  • Delivering better customer experiences. With the business now leveraging cloud to deliver their digital experience, they can achieve faster time to market, improved customer experiences, and better business outcomes. The infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) model enables optimal ability to address the dynamically changing needs of highly cyclical and spiking business on demand; scaling up and down as needed to ensure their clients can quickly and consistently access the information they need across various lines of business with a seamless experience.

  • Realizing optimal ROI. While there is an ongoing need to integrate with traditional in-house IT systems and applications, the infusion of cloud services helped the client reduce their rapidly rising IT costs and provide an improved user experience to their clients. The company is expected to realize a YOY cost savings of 35% as compared to traditional IT infrastructure costs.

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