Implementing Process Automation & Personalization to Improve the Customer Experience

July 24, 2018
The Fastest Growing Indian Telecom

About Our Client

India's first multinational corporation and fastest growing telecom company, our client has a wide network of over 400,000 towns and villages across the country. This Indian mobile network operator is a leading provider of 4G LTE prepaid, postpaid mobile voice and high-speed wireless Internet services with approximately 216.76 million subscribers as of April 2018.


Business Problem

With the telecom industry witnessing intense competition due to a consolidation of operations, rapid advances in technology, and quickly changing consumer preferences, our client was struggling to improve the efficiency of its consumer support operations with consumers reaching out to them via different communication channels.


  • Consumer experience standards weren’t consistent across the different communication channels as there was no business solution/rule that would synchronize the brand communication
  • An effective resource deployment strategy was needed to manage large volumes and achieve faster turnaround times for resolving consumer issues
  • Building a team that understood both the client’s business processes as well as consumer engagement do’s and don’ts was extremely important in creating a scalable and profitable business solution for dealing with consumers effectively
  • Automated responses had to be replaced by customized responses to ensure the consumers feel their issues are being taken seriously and their time is being valued

Solutions & Services Provided

  • Providing process improvements through a combination of process automation and response customization
  • Improving resource efficiency by eliminating repetitive manual tasks
  • Identifying new opportunities that aided in developing better cross-sell or up-sell avenues
  • Reducing the turnaround time and improving the consumer experience


  • Improved resource management
  • Reduction in errors and increase the quality of responses
  • Immediate deployment of resources to handle crisis situations
  • Real-time exception-based monitoring and reporting


  • First response time across social channels reduced to 10 minutes
  • Customer resolution time saw a significant improvement from 6 Hours to 2.5 Hours
  • High performance measured with 99.30% service level achievement

Visualization of Project Outcomes

Visualization of Project Outcomes

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