Case Study: Healthcare

HGS leads City of Hope’s digital transformation

Drives $30M in revenue and 212% increase in leads from digital sources

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City of Hope, a leader in healthcare, was looking for digital transformation. Over five years, HGS helmed its digital journey by creating a solid web presence and building brand advocacy, driving $30M in revenue.

$30M in revenue

in revenue

212% increase in leads from digital sources

increase in leads from digital sources

23% increase in donation

increase in donations over a 12-month period

Client background

City of Hope (COH), located in Southern California, is a world leader in the research and treatment of cancer, diabetes, and other diseases.

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Business challenge

In 2015, COH was grappling with creating a digital presence that mirrored its brand values. The organization’s website was facing frequent downtime, information within the website was difficult to find, and there were systemic problems with everything digital—preventing marketing and IT progress.

Here’s a phased representation of the challenges faced and the client requirements over the five- year period.

Image of challenges COH faced in various stages of development

The solution

The HGS team created a year-over-year roadmap of current vs. future state. The team brought together all the stakeholders to understand the business problems, define solutions, set priorities, identify technologies, and arrive at the brand architecture. The methods of engagement were both on project-basis and experts-on-demand, depending on the scope and timelines.

The client’s digital transformation was enabled in the following ways:

icon of web infrastructure

Web presence

HGS created a blueprint of the future website and the necessary infrastructure needed to support the website. With this initial strategy and the necessary C-level buy-in, the website was designed and developed. The content was migrated onto the new website and hosted in the cloud on Amazon Web Services.

Screenshot of COH website banner
Icon of persona-based information

Persona-based information

COH wanted a website that would cater to a multitude of personas depending on their need for information. For instance, a patient would seek very different information from that of a career-seeker or even a researcher. An empathetic, problem-solving approach led to identifying the different personas, mapping their individual journeys and pain points, thereby helping customers access information quickly and efficiently. Catering to the diverse cultures the company was serving, HGS helped create a multilingual site.

Screenshot of persona-based posts
icon of marketing hub

Marketing hub

With COH’s expanding brand presence, there was a need for a central marketing hub. HGS helped create this space for the company’s brand collateral—a marketing hub for logos, brand guidelines, photos and materials—from where partners and stakeholders could create content. Advance marketing technology tools were incorporated for creating brand awareness campaigns and showcasing COH’s leadership.

icon of hopeful logo

Brand advocacy is a platform that was born from a need to connect, share stories, resources and leverage the power of the cancer survivor community. HGS Digital helped build the website that set up this community. The chatbot integrated into the Hopeful website helped people join the community and provided valuable suggestions on critical topics.

screenshot of homepagescreenshots of in mobile views


COH’s transformation extended far beyond the realms of digital, creating a brand that people could trust. Here are a few ways in which HGS added value:

workhours and $145,385 saved in a year with the marketing hub

increase in leads  from digital sources, working along with COH’s digital agency

increase  in organic referrals within first five months of deployment

increase in donations over a 12-month period

increase in outpatient visits attributed to marketing and digital efforts

Image of COH results chart

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