Case Study: Education

Establishing a strong digital presence and generating leads through marketing campaigns

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About our client

An education loan provider that is NBFC and regulated by the RBI, it provides financial support to students, institutions, and other ancillary services related to the education ecosystem.

Business challenges

A new entrant in the education market wanted to make its mark in a highly cluttered education loan provider industry. They wanted to communicate to potential students and parents that they are an education loan provider that works with absolute efficiency so that students experience less stress and can focus on achieving their education goals.

The solution

This challenge was solved in 3 steps

  • Communication across digital platforms about quick and hassle-free student loan approvals in a creative, relatable manner.
  • Use this thought to create awareness and brand recall among potential students and their parents.
  • Achieve contact form submissions & Facebook lead form submissions

Creative thought

  • There are two kinds of students in the world, the ones who work hard, and the ones who work smart. The education loan provider approves student loans in under 24 hours, saving time and effort and making it easy for the students to choose the smarter way of doing things. 
  • We believe that if students follow this approach, they will be ready for anything the world has to offer. And that’s what led to our communication thought: ReadyForTheWorld.

Creative execution

  • Online video consumption has grown by almost 5 times in 2017.* (Hotstar - The India Watch Report 2018)
  • Tapping into this growth, we built a story between two regular students, one who is diligent but stressed about his future, and the other who is calmer and more ready for the real world because he knows that our education loan provider has his back. Through the relatable story and the interaction between the two, we were able to educate the audience about the education loan provider and its prime USP—student loan approval in under 24 hours.


  • Over 800K video views across online platforms.
  • More than 8000 mentions of #ReadyForTheWorld on Twitter
  • All leading to our biggest win: more than 5000 leads captured, with students continuing to pour in.

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