Case Study: Amazon Connect

Contact center migration: Creation of contact flows achieved with Amazon Connect

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About our client

Our client is the logistics delivery fleet for the world’s largest eCommerce company.

Business challenges

Client was seeking a new contact center solution and needed to select a solution provider who could deliver a full service solution inclusive of migration services. Specifically:

  • Client needed to migrate out of their current contact center provider into HGS.
  • HGS Digital was given only 30 days to complete the migration from their existing provider to the HGS Digital Solution.
    • This 30 day project completion window included contact center agent hiring and training.
  • HGS Digital needed to setup the ACD/telephony platform with call recording during the agent training phase.
  • Client needed to use their existing TFN once the contact center service was migrated to the HGS solution, with zero disruption to calls.

The solution

HGS Digital's team of services professionals worked in conjunction with the HGS Philippines Technology services teams to deliver the following:

  • Creation and deployment of contact center solution including contact flows within Amazon Connect:
    • Inbound calls are routed to the agents who are tasked to handle calls from drivers of client logistics sprinter vans who need roadside assistance.
    • Once the driver details and vehicle details are known, the agents place outbound calls to the nearest roadside assistance provider to schedule a dispatch.
    • If no agents are available to take a call (i.e. outside of hours of operation), the call is automatically forwarded to a 3rd party contact center / roadside assistance company.
    • If there are many callers who are in the queue, any call that is waiting for more than 30 seconds will be forwarded to a 3rd-party contact center / roadside assistance company.
    • All calls are recorded 100% via Amazon connect and stored on S3.
  • The default reporting platform of Amazon Connect will be used for all real-time and historical reports.
  • The initial solution was developed for a pilot batch of 15 agents which will be ramped up over time as the volume builds up.
  • The current client toll-free Number was ported to the AWS platform on the scheduled go-live date.


The technology was setup and deployed through a collaboration between HGS Digital team and HGS Philippines Technology services teams.

  • Time to market was significantly improved by avoiding any procurement time.
    • Typical time to market is 15 to 30 days if the licenses are not available in-house for the on-premise system.
    • It took the team a day to setup the contact flows as compared to taking a week to set it up on our traditional on-premise systems.
  • Since Amazon Connect is a pay-per-use model, the per minute cost of using the cloud platform is proving to be very economical to the business.
  • Amazon Connect allows the client to scale over time without investing upfront capital expense.
  • The platform can easily provide a multi-delivery/multi-geo center capability for the client without complex call routing designs as compared to on-premise system.
  • There was zero upfront capital investment required for the solution on Amazon Connect vs. a very high CAPEX that would have been enchanted if using on-premise systems .

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