Case Study: Chatbot

Building a lead generation contact center solution with Amazon Connect

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About our client

Our client is a global leader in business process management (BPM) and optimizing the customer experience lifecycle. They help make clients more competitive every day by combining technology-powered services in automation, analytics, and digital with domain expertise focusing on back-office processing, contact centers, and HRO solutions to deliver transformational impact to clients.

Business challenges

Our client needed to centralize delivery of sales and business development support for their US Sales Team. They also needed to provide support the the US Sales team by converting website visitors in to leads for immediate action. Finally, they needed to deliver better overall alignment and improved quality of the pre-sales and lead generation process. Other challenges included: 

  • Client needed to setup a contact center in the Philippines to provide lead generation campaigns for its US office.
  • Client was given only 14 days to complete the setup of the contact center telephony platform with call recording.
  • Client needed to provide region-specific and state-specific DID numbers to cater to different regions within the US.
  • Inbound calls needed to be routed to specific agents who are tasked to handle a particular region or state.

The solution

  • Creation of contact flows within Amazon Connect:
    • Inbound calls are checked against the number dialed by the caller (where each number corresponds to a specific region or state in the US).
    • The call is routed to the set of agents who are tasked to handle that specific region or state.
    • If no agents are available, the caller is given an option to leave a voice mail instead of continuing to wait in the queue.
    • Whenever agents make outbound calls via Amazon Connect, the caller ID presented to the called party will be the number for that specific region in the US so that when the called party dials back the number, the call will be routed to the agents tasked to handle that region.
    • All calls are recorded 100% via Amazon connect and stored on S3.
  • The default reporting platform of Amazon Connect will be used for all real-time and historical reports.
  • It took the team a day to setup the contact flows as compared to taking a week to set it up on our traditional on-premise system.
  • Different DID numbers were claimed from Amazon Connect corresponding to each state/region in the US.

Technology Scope

  • Provide the enabling technology (Amazon Connect) to quickly setup the offshore Lead generation and Lead management team:
    • Cloud-based telephony system to handle inbound and outbound calls
    • Call recording system
    • Reporting and analytics
  • Salesforce will be used for sales leads management

lead generation contact center architectureDiagram 1

lead generation contact center current stateDiagram 2


  • The technology was setup with a collaboration between HGS Digital team and the Client's Technology services team.
  • Time to market was significantly improved by avoiding any procurement time (typically 15 to 30 days if the licenses are not available in-house for the on-premise system).
  • Since Amazon Connect is a pay-per-use model, the per minute cost of using the cloud platform is proving to be very economical to the business.
  • Amazon Connect allows client to scale over time without investing upfront capital expense.
  • The platform can easily provide a multi-delivery/multi-geo center capability for Client without complex call routing designs as compared to on-premise system.
  • Client had zero upfront capital investment on Amazon Connect as opposed to what would have been a high up front CAPEX investment had they used u on-premise systems.

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