Case Study: Telecom

Achieving rapid office-to-home migration with HGS and Twilio

On-cloud solution saves $50K for the consumer electronics giant

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When a large U.S. consumer electronics company needed an office-to-home migration with CRM integration in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, HGS Work@Home and Twilio drove a rapid transformation in a record time of 27 days, saving $50K for the client.


saved moving from on-prem to on-cloud

27 days

record turnaround time 

85+ % CSAT

consistently met or exceeded

Client background

This large U.S. consumer electronics company specializes in home entertainment for the modern, connected customer. In late March 2020 with the COVID-19 pandemic in full force, customer experience underwent a pivotal shift when many businesses moved their operations to a home-based model.

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Business challenge

The client needed an agile solution that wouldn’t disrupt daily business operations or sacrifice security as the former in-center employees were dispersed across home networks, and the agents needed to retain access to the same systems and tools available in a shared physical location.

Because the client's existing vendors lacked the skill to transition to a work-from-home setup—both in ability and in scale of operations—the agents were missing calls and providing substandard quality of service to their customers.

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The solution

HGS Work@Home was brought in to drive significant cost-containment, better workforce management, and faster ramp-up and reaction time to the client’s changing business needs.

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The client’s digital team helped put together a thorough understanding of the requirements. In order to replicate the on-site experience for the agents, integrating the customer CRM into the solution was key.

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HGS Digital recommended a cloud solution rather than trying to connect agents to an on-premise system, suggesting tech giant Twilio for the cloud telephony solutions. With the need for fast execution, Twilio was the obvious partner of choice, offering:

  • A customizable and programmable contact center platform
  • Quick turnaround time in setup
  • Ability to provide omnichannel integration
  • Proactive conversations through automation
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Moving to the cloud required identifying access points, leveraging Twilio’s cloud telephony system, and connecting the system to the client’s on-prem CRM. Several systems and tools were pulled in so that the agents could enjoy the same experience at home as they had in center. Key points of testing and security were handled through Twilio’s secure integrations.

The project began as a three-month pilot with 25 FTEs. Since this was the first time agents would be working from a virtual environment, they attended virtual training via an online collaboration platform. Equipped with HGS-provided desktop computers and headsets, the agents began answering customer service inquiries fast, while competitors were struggling to meet volume and demands due to pandemic restrictions.

New Setup (including CRM integration)
On PremiseOn Cloud
4-6 weeks3-5 days


HGS Digital and Twilio exceeded the client’s expectations by helping the agents rapidly transition from an office to a home setup, while continuing to provide expert technical support to customers. Quick planning, stable infrastructure, telephony integration with Salesforce, and specific metrics reporting all contributed to the following successful results.

27 days
turnaround with contractual additions including cloud and CRM migration

saved on telco moving from on-prem to cloud

CSAT consistently met or exceeded

savings annually since migrating to cloud

The way forward

Post-pandemic, the aim is to triple or quadruple the number of agents for an upcoming three-year contract opportunity that will help the client keep up with increased volumes. The client is open to a hybrid model with half of the staff in center and half operating from home, thereby helping to save on office and maintenance costs.

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