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Originally posted by Oracle Customer Success

Oracle Cloud Platform enabled us to rapidly build and launch an innovative marketing cloud solution that gives our customers a more powerful and effective way to manage digital assets, campaigns, and analytics – all from a single location. — John Yoho, Chief Operating Officer, HGS Digital

In its quest to help organizations more effectively use digital technology and assets to engage customers, Element Solutions, now known as HGS Digital, began development on its newest solution: MarketingHub. The cloud platform gives marketing departments a simple and secure way to effectively manage their business processes, digital assets, campaigns, and analytics—all in one place. HGS Digital needed a cloud vendor on which to build MarketingHub’s foundation and help accelerate the tool’s time to market and ensure continuous innovation. We selected the Oracle Cloud Platform over other options because it is modern, flexible, complete, and will continue to grow with us. 


  • Accelerate, build, and launch a new solution that will help marketing departments more efficiently and effectively manage their digital assets, business processes, campaigns, and analytics
  • Extend HGS Digital’s competitive advantage by delivering innovative digital marketing solutions to market faster
  • Ensure scale and security of digital offerings that the company provides to its diverse client base, which includes financial services and healthcare organizations


  • Used Oracle Platform as a Service (PaaS), including Oracle Content and Experience Cloud and Oracle Process Cloud Service, to create and launch a new cloud prototype in just two months, versus approximately six months using on-premises technologies
  • Boosted competitive advantage with the ability to introduce innovative marketing process and campaign management solutions to market faster and at attractive price points
  • Ensured development team agility in creating and modifying workflows and life cycles as new application requirements evolved, thanks to flexible Oracle PaaS solutions
  • Accelerated application build with easy-to-modify task assignments and user role definitions
  • Benefited from Oracle’s enterprise-grade security functionality and cloud scalability to meet the rigorous requirements of healthcare and financial services enterprises and facilitate the sales process
  • Gained the ability, using Oracle PaaS, to rapidly demonstrate the value of MarketingHub with a pilot customer who leveraged the self-service functionality to reduce a project timeline from two weeks to two days and projected first-year savings of $150,000 thanks to initial workflow automation from Oracle Process Cloud Service
  • Facilitated improved collaboration by giving customers the ability to communicate and work with multiple parties—including consumers, requesters, sales teams, and marketers—on documents, anytime and from anywhere with Oracle Content and Experience Cloud
  • Benefited from an easy-to-use, intuitive, and flexible solution that allows users to get up-to-speed quickly
  • Ensured a more complete marketing solution with the ability to effectively and efficiently integrate third-party applications to the solution, such as PrintUI and Kibana

"The MarketingHub application we built with Oracle Content and Experience Cloud and Oracle Process Cloud Service is a model for future development. We’re limited only by our imagination. "
John Yoho, Chief Operating Officer, HGS Digital

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