Element Solutions and key innovation teams within HGS Global Solutions have become HGS Digital.

We are a creative team of over 550 strategic thinkers, marketing experts, user-centric designers, and software engineers with an elemental desire to create transformative digital solutions. We are dedicated to creating frictionless technological experiences that solve problems and significantly improve people’s lives.

Selected Awards

Frost & Sullivan Award

Industry Leader In Customer Satisfaction

The Net Promoter Score (NPS) measures customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Our highest ranking competitor




Source: Customer Experience Matters. HGS Digital NPS score independently verified by AskNicely.com.

Our Leadership Team

Venkatesh Korla

Founder & CEO

Len Buzyna

Chief Technology Officer

Robert Ronchi

SVP, Alliances & Channels

John Yoho

Chief Operating Officer

Chris Rogers

Senior Vice President, Client Services

Bala Loganathan

Vice President, Global Delivery

Larry Fleischman

VP, Global Business Development

Virgil Wong

Vice President, Creative

Sherry Thompson

Vice President, Cloud Practice

Venu Gooty

Director, Strategy Services

Isaac Puga-Phillips

Vice President, Digital Marketing & Engagement

Amanda Sternquist

Director, Social Media Care Practice

Erin Baisly

Director, User Experience

Volnei Caetano

Director, Infrastructure

Rik Silva

Executive Director, Client Services

Beverly Greenberg

Executive Director, Client Services

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At HGS Digital, we understand competing points of view and internal priorities, including CX implementation. We have experience working with organizations of all sizes to gain C-suite alignment and ensure each team's needs are met while driving the business forward.